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Ce se aude pe GoogleNewsAlert despre Moldova?

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UN calls for reform of Lebanon’s laws on human trafficking
Daily Star – Lebanon – Beirut,Lebanon
Moldova, an impoverished East European country, is a common source of victims. Young women there often seek to escape poverty and boredom by looking for
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Seenews: news report of 20.10.2008
Girodivite – Sicilia,Italy
New or amended entries are marked (*) link Russia’s Gazprom Raises Q4 Gas Price for Moldova by 10.2% Oct 20, 2008, 17:05 CET | Story | SeeNews CHISINAU
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Slovenia to support Moldova in dialogue on visa regime liberalisation
Moldpress – Chisinau,Moldova
Chisinau, 20 October /MOLDPRES/ – Slovenia will support Moldova in the dialogue on the liberalisation of the visa regime, as this is the first step towards

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Govt scheme draws skilled workforce from east
Aktuálně.cz – Praha,Czech Republic
Typical participants are scientists, IT experts and technicians from countries including Bosnia, India, Kazakhstan, Moldova and Ukraine.
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Moldovan servicemen rank high at „Cooperative Longbow/Lancer” drill
Moldpress – Chisinau,Moldova
Chisinau, 20 October /MOLDPRES/ – A military contingent of the Moldovan army ranked third at a multinational peacekeeping exercise „Cooperative
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UN News Centre

Lebanon needs stronger laws against human trafficking, reveals UN
UN News Centre
Following the release of the report, UNODC is working to help Lebanon and Moldova tackle the issue, including by jointly developing materials to assist
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Efes Breweries International: Volumes Continue to Grow in a
FLEXNEWS – Labege,France
The challenging economic conditions in Moldova continued in the third quarter of 2008. YTD3Q2008 sales volume in Moldova was down by 29% year-on-year,
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What the newspapers say: October 20, 2008 – Bucharest|,Romania
Last but not least, smuggling of goods from Ukraine and Republic of Moldova thrives as Romanian customs officers accept bribes.
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Saved From the Slave Trade in Moldova
Deutsche Welle – Germany
There were over 2000 registered victims human trafficking victims last year alone in Moldova. The women are sent abroad to be prostitutes, men are forced
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Scottish tea and gathering at Smythe Street Cathedral
Daily Gleaner – Fredericton,New Brunswick,Canada
FUNDS FOR ORPHANAGES: These are some of the residents at Stella’s House, a home for girls in Moldova. A Scottish tea and gathering at Smythe Street
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